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Biogen signs up for Scottish AD plant

Posted on Mon 11 Mar 2013

Leading green energy company Biogen and partner Alauna Renewable Energy have signed a deal with the City of Edinburgh and Midlothian Councils for the design and build of a new food waste recycling plant near Millerhill, in Midlothian.


Peterborough residents recycle food waste for electricity

Posted on Thu 17 Jan 2013

Peterborough City Council has chosen award-winning green energy company Biogen to deliver a 5-year contract to recycle food waste from local households.


First green energy plant for Hertfordshire!

Posted on Mon 14 Jan 2013

Hertfordshire is soon to have its own state of the art recycling facility which will generate renewable energy from food waste.


Tomorrow's Valley names Biogen as first choice to build food waste to energy plant.

Posted on Thu 13 Dec 2012

Biogen has been named preferred bidder for a contract to build and operate what will be its third food waste to energy plant in Wales.


Successful deal closure for Waen renewable energy project

Posted on Mon 5 Nov 2012

The North Wales Consortium of Denbighshire County Council, Conwy County Borough Council and Flintshire County Council has completed an agreement with the UK’s leading food waste anaerobic digestion company Biogen and investors Iona Capital, for a contract to design, build, fund and operate a food waste to energy plant at Waen, St Asaph, Denbighshire. The contract is for a minimum of 15 years.